Monday, August 30, 2010

Corrine Day, 1965-2010

Corinne Day's documentary style photographs of the 1990s were infamous for influencing the grunge movement into the mainstream, a pioneer of a style that is candid and hard hitting, she published what became known as the 'heroin chic' look and establishing a gawky happy teenage Kate Moss in cult British magazine The Face. Corrine Day brought a more hard edged documentary look to fashion image making. The 3rd Summer of love..

She will be sadly missed. 

Saturday, August 28, 2010

your only history

It's the fear of not knowing that plagues me.
I can deal with either of the consequences, I think.
But to never know, is the humiliation and deceit that I cannot control.
I guess that's why it's called trust.
I have every reason to trust you so far and to continue to do so, so why is it still between us.
Trust and the burden it plays, from a past not yet forgotten.
Forgetting my only history is hard.
Bless me with liberty.

Oh fuck it, enough with the emotional drooling..

images via. Johnnys

zola jesus

This is this mornings soundtrack to my life, do yourself a wonderful favor and discover zola jesus..
 ..if you haven't already.
Have a little look here if your intrigued by what your missing out on.

a spring longing heart.

Forget me not, as I'm still here.

A Saturday morning, with a subdued heart and a longing for things yet to come, and those things that are far away right now.
I'm moving to San Francisco in a little under a couple of months.
Across oceans, and oceans without my heart.
The true test of love right?

Images: No retrospective and Low life.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Drapes vs Squares

And keeping with the Fifties, John Waters Cry Baby, still makes me want to be a juvenile delinquent, don 'Hysterectomy Pants' and play the triangle in Cry Baby Walkers Band.
Wanda from Cry Baby was the epitome of cool. 

Pretty Baby

Vogue has hit in all the right places with this editorial, harking back to fifties fever, teddy boys and greasers, I cannot begin to explain the cord it strikes with me. And they even give you a good dose of sincerity and authenticity, as some of those guys are actual musicians, one, a friend I know, is the frontman of a 50's style surf/swamp blues band - not just your token tattooed models. Catherine McNeil is stunning, as always.