Friday, February 26, 2010

The Velvet Underground.

Velvet is no longer underground. Although taking a back seat in fashions recent ventures, its only exposure, seen draped framing the windows of your Nan's humble abode or worn on those that dabble in tarot cards and palm reading, velvet and fashions new thrust is 'go velvet or go home.'
The velvet trend is a welcome back note to 90's grunge, think Nirvana, Reality Bites and Pearl Jam, and the girls that follow suite, Courtney Love, Winona Ryder and Chloe Sevigny come to mind, circa 1994.
The point of wearing velvet is to look carefree cool and 90's grunge, not trashy or like an old dated hippy. Textured and simple, no overt silhouettes and crazy colour combos, block colouring works well, as well as any rich dark colours, French Navy, Burgundy, Forrest or Olive green, and military styling is perfect with velvet. Team it with a polo neck. Maybe avoid velvet on velvet and be very careful with any bright coloured velvets, they have the ability to be brilliant but if styled wrong can look like a hopelessly dated mess.

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This is Autumn.

numero korea
fashion by felipe mende
photography by lina scheynius

The Androgyny Closet

Androgyny refers to the mixing of masculine and feminine characteristics, as in fashion or hermaphroditism.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Self Diagnosis

Hyperosmia is an increased ability to smell - for example, being able to identify the perfume of the previous occupant of a chair. It is seen in patients with cluster headaches, migraines, and adrenal cortical insufficiency (Addison's Disease), although some people possess it naturally (either through developed senses or increased training). Psychedelic drugs such as LSD, psilocin, or 2C-B have been anecdotally shown to enhance smell.

I just have naturally developed senses.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

'This is how you dance' Top 5.

Thursday, February 18, 2010


So the tyrant lizard has small arms, that doesn't stop him from nothing. He has a can-do attitude and big teeth. This is about living like a king - taking what you've got and making a mark.
Just cause its so very relevant. Quoted.

Pantie Party.

Yesterdays social comment of the day.

In reference to the men dressed in brightly coloured panties and knee pads.
(I am confused as to why they were dressed like that too.)

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Alberts ep. just got reviewed. Radness.

Drowned by Law

The Nevada Strange
Drowned by Law

4 Track, EP (2010, Timberyard Records)
Related: The Nevada Strange.

Rock music is usually better when it’s made by thugs, queers, fuck-ups and deadbeats. So it’s good that a group of unapproachable, potentially malevolent, will-screw-your-lover-without-a-second-thought style bands have appeared in Sydney over the past five years. The variety is nice. Groups like Circle Pit, Atrocities (now defunct), Kirin J Callinan and The Nevada Strange are a welcome change in a music community where to be different is often to be stubbornly ignored. These groups, somewhat detached from the traditional warehouse scene(s) and too rough for the mainstream indie venues, have tended to languish in inner-city dives such as Club 77 and Candy’s Apartment on a weeknight, or in their own homes.

The Nevada Strange ride an aesthetic long associated with the plight of down-and-out urban malcontents: circularly stalking bass lines, acid rain guitar feedback and the stentorianly intoned vocals of the chronically paranoid. You can almost taste the dirty speed on your gums when ‘From the Sea at Night’ oozes forth, a gaudy march into an amphetamine addled subterranea. That’s where the band dwells for the duration of this disc: the curtains drawn and flickering fluorescents switched on, trudging through four catchy and syrupy death chants to a crowd of swaying onlookers.

While Drowned by Law doesn’t sound bolted together for a market keen to relive St Kilda or Darlinghurst circa 1979, the four-piece do draw unapologetically from that canon, particularly Albert Wolski’s guitar, which sounds as strikingly caustic and tortured as Rowland S Howard’s. He’s at his most effective during ‘Crawlspaces’, a gaunt and sun allergic love song to the (literal) underground; to escaping sunlight in favour of a perennially nocturnal parallel world, drenched in peripheral noise and feedback. In a lot of ways, the Nevada Strange is tapping the same vein as HTRK and the Devastations, but this is more surreal and lyrically ambiguous. It’s without the hedonism of the former or unabashed romance of the later.

Regardless of its stylistic debts, Drowned by Law evokes a sensual and foreboding world far removed from the gloss of a city so apparently eager to exterminate its compelling imperfections. Drowned By Law – and the scene Nevada Strange move within - might be proof that inner-city Sydney isn’t a barren corporatized latte-land after all. If we’re lucky.

by Shaun Prescott


Sunday, February 14, 2010

To the ** that stole my wallet

Dear Thief,

I hope you enjoy and the best of luck with it's contents, Im sure all of which are completely invaluable to you, but pose quite an inconvenience for me now, thanks a ** lot.

75 cents
my Id
medicare card
bank card with total available funds being minimal
maxed out credit card
student card
library card
key to work
defunct sim card
and various business cards which you can keep, I have no use for them anyways

Oh and to the creep filming with the video camera, I saw you, and I know that you and the thief that stole my wallet are one and the same. And that you also stole the video camera, successful little night you had there hey?

Saturday, February 13, 2010

So I'm busy busting my ass, completing design briefs for interviews, My Disco gigs, Drowned by Law ep launches, and general cleanliness and hygiene.

Forgive my absence, but like they say, the heart grows fonder.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

personal leftovers

The prepossessing photography of Lina Scheynius.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Top 5 (and a half) Songs in Black and White

Polish. Poster. Art.

Rowland S. Howard, Thank you

Rowland S. Howard.
God Bless.

This particular moment was beautiful.

'Thirsty Jerk'

There is always something very concerning about frontmen of horrible commercial indie bands, I'm talking like top 20 kinda stuff, that have this ingrained idea that people give a care about who you are, and that they, further more, are creating music that people give a care about.
This particular one is infamous for his mustache, I was more concerned for his lack of height.. Points do have to be awarded for originality in seizing an opportune moment for a transparent conversation starter, we didn't really need nor want you to take photos of us with our own camera, we can manage, thanks! And that that opportune moment also had the potential to lead to further compliments.
Any other two girls, you may have a had a chance, of these particular two, Katrina had no idea who you were and wished I didn't.

Katrina is the most over joyous person I know, by a mile!

Friday, February 5, 2010

'til I get a new camera it's going to have to be pics of days gone by..

But still, they're hilarious.

Rosie Odonnell Featch

This kills me with laughter. It must have been a while ago, ok, but I only now found this on Syds fartbook and proceeded to wet myself.
Some girls, before they go out, merrily apply make-up and do hair together, or drink champagne with nibbles, or have pillow fights in bikini's, who knows.. We take photo's of ourselves competing to see who has the biggest double chin, and therefore can look the fattest.

double chinned babes? who knew?
double chin confusion.
double chin laughter. GOOM! MM QUAY!
double chin anyone? That's Rosie Odonnell there in the background.

crucially metal self timer photos

Claire: "
a guy sitting next to me in internet cafe says 'was thiis a concert'? you's are famous now........"

I had a job interviw

The big interview, also known as, let me ask you questions so I can judge how 'cool' you are and then I'll pigeonhole the shit out of you and question your integrity 'til even your unsure of your own sincerity.

Obviously I think it went well!

more on this..

It's not a wig.

I'll probably never look this shit hot again, pink hair kills it. And those are my two favorite people. But that being said, I was not feeling shit hot at all, I was stone cold sober, I was sick, and everyone else was high on acid. Playing catchup is impossible in those circumstances!

Hungry Jacks has unlimited refills. Byo vodka.

Check out the graveyard of dead meal deals.