Friday, February 26, 2010

The Velvet Underground.

Velvet is no longer underground. Although taking a back seat in fashions recent ventures, its only exposure, seen draped framing the windows of your Nan's humble abode or worn on those that dabble in tarot cards and palm reading, velvet and fashions new thrust is 'go velvet or go home.'
The velvet trend is a welcome back note to 90's grunge, think Nirvana, Reality Bites and Pearl Jam, and the girls that follow suite, Courtney Love, Winona Ryder and Chloe Sevigny come to mind, circa 1994.
The point of wearing velvet is to look carefree cool and 90's grunge, not trashy or like an old dated hippy. Textured and simple, no overt silhouettes and crazy colour combos, block colouring works well, as well as any rich dark colours, French Navy, Burgundy, Forrest or Olive green, and military styling is perfect with velvet. Team it with a polo neck. Maybe avoid velvet on velvet and be very careful with any bright coloured velvets, they have the ability to be brilliant but if styled wrong can look like a hopelessly dated mess.

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