Saturday, February 6, 2010

'Thirsty Jerk'

There is always something very concerning about frontmen of horrible commercial indie bands, I'm talking like top 20 kinda stuff, that have this ingrained idea that people give a care about who you are, and that they, further more, are creating music that people give a care about.
This particular one is infamous for his mustache, I was more concerned for his lack of height.. Points do have to be awarded for originality in seizing an opportune moment for a transparent conversation starter, we didn't really need nor want you to take photos of us with our own camera, we can manage, thanks! And that that opportune moment also had the potential to lead to further compliments.
Any other two girls, you may have a had a chance, of these particular two, Katrina had no idea who you were and wished I didn't.

Katrina is the most over joyous person I know, by a mile!

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