Friday, February 5, 2010

Rosie Odonnell Featch

This kills me with laughter. It must have been a while ago, ok, but I only now found this on Syds fartbook and proceeded to wet myself.
Some girls, before they go out, merrily apply make-up and do hair together, or drink champagne with nibbles, or have pillow fights in bikini's, who knows.. We take photo's of ourselves competing to see who has the biggest double chin, and therefore can look the fattest.

double chinned babes? who knew?
double chin confusion.
double chin laughter. GOOM! MM QUAY!
double chin anyone? That's Rosie Odonnell there in the background.

crucially metal self timer photos

Claire: "
a guy sitting next to me in internet cafe says 'was thiis a concert'? you's are famous now........"

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