Monday, October 25, 2010

A home away from home

Last week I upped and moved half way around the world, to a city that I'd never seen, a family of friends I'd never met, and a plethora of opportunities I didn't know existed.

Here's hoping, so far so good.

I'm heading to Texas in a week for a Music Festival, and was reminded of this editorial I came across while waiting for my lunch in a takeaway burger restaurant the week before I left for San francisco, as I'd stopped buying Russh awhile ago, as it began to seem like all the editorials were appropriations of others I'd seen before.
But this one got to me, the little adventurous part that was hopping across the world, longed to be part of this place. While I sat there and I read the editors letter, and it struck home, with hope for what my new little future held. I told myself I'd buy the issue before I left and it would be a constant reminder to read of what I was embarking on and to make the most of all that comes my way real soon.

And, I'm already making my way to Austin..

Russh Issue 39 via FGR

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  1. Hey girl!
    love your blurb. here's to your future and fantastic opportunities ahead (holding my glass up to you). xx