Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Poison Ivy

Recently at work I have had a surprising number of people sourcing fancy dress costumes for parties, I swear this is the best part of my day, and maybe even get a little too involved, see I don't mind a good mustache or bad teeth or something gross or odd when dressing up, most people however, especially the female variety still want to look good and attractive to the male of the species. I guess I don't.

So when recently I've had a few say that they're off to a fancy dress party and that they're dressing as Poison Ivy, being the 90's child that I am, instantly pictured Drew Barrymore as Ivy in the 1992 movie Poison Ivy, with that awesome tattoo on her upper thigh, of which I couldn't manage to find and image of. But this is my image board of Poison Ivy. Unfortunately, there was some confusion on my part when they wanted nylon tricot mini dresses and I was leading them to the lace leggings - Oh of course, they were referring to the comic book character! But never mind, I'll keep my Poison Ivy fantasy alive right here. So totally wearable.


  1. Drew baby is one of my favvvvvs.

    As for the 'looking hot/cute' all the time...I am totally with you. Sadly I don't have any photgraphic evidence of this on hand (trust me, I go ALL out)...but my easter post is quite beautiful don't you think? http://lovemoreblog.blogspot.com/2010/04/happyeaster.html haha xxxx

  2. i love the turban and eye sequins!!

  3. Ohh her hair is amazing!
    I want hair like that, mine is dead straight and i just love curls haha :)
    Vanilah xx


  4. Yeah, I think I've convinced myself to bring out the sequins and turban again, sans Halloween!