Thursday, May 6, 2010

Third and Delaware

One interesting part of Fashion Week, is obviously the fashion that it brings to the forefront, but one must note how I came to this particular post. We remember him as 'David, Darlene's boyfriend', and for now his real name shall remain irrelevant, but 'David' was spotted at fashion week! Sadly sporting some charcoal suit and crisp shirt ensemble and slick hair to match his slick attire, but we'll forgive him for that, because he is 'David, Darlene's boyfriend,' and because it reminded me of Third and Delaware, fashion highlights from every single episode of Roseanne. I'm not kidding, this is brilliant, who comes up with this stuff! And what's so god damn good is how totally on point and relevant all this 90's fashion is now, I would happily parade all of these sartorial looks, unfortunately I can't say the same about some of the looks presented this recent Rosemount Australian Fashion Week, but Third and Delaware!

David’s Plaid Zip Hoody

Roseanne’s Rocky Mountain Vest!

Darlene’s Vest and Tee Shirt

DJ’s Denim Vest

Roseanne’s Kitty Cat Tee

Roseanne’s Peasant Dress

Roseanne’s Butterfly Shirt

Double Denim Dan

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